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Monday, 22 March 2010

Props, Mise-en-scene, SFX, Costume

Props: The most obvious prop is going to be the doll itself. The doll is going to be around 2 feet tall and i'm not going to be gender specific. Most dolls are female so they will be the easiest to find, however it is normally the male who is the antagonist. In the film Bride of Chucky they have used both a male and a female doll to be the killers. 
In the end i decided to use a male doll as after scouring catalogues and various shops, they were the ones that appealed most and looked more appropriate for a horror film. 

Another prop is the knife used to kill the female protagonist. The most obvious way to incorporate the knife into the bedroom scene would be that there would be a some sort of cake, most likely birthday cake, on the side. By focusing on the cake and particularly the knife at the beginning of the bedroom scene, this will connote to the audience that this is the weapon going to be used, or will explain where the knife comes from.

The type of cake is not significant in the film however the type of knife is. Knives used in other slasher films are usually large kitchen knives, however due to health and safety concerns they might not be suitable. There are two options; file down the sharp edges or use a fake knife. Filing down the knife could be quite time consuming however would be the most realistic whilst using a plastic knife would look quite obviously fake. The DT department at school would most likely file down the sharp edges for me, so i am going to continue with that idea and use the fake knife as a back up plan if any problems should occur. 

Mise-En-Scene:  Mise-en-scene is a important aspect of my film. Particularly as it is mostly set in a young females bedroom. The most obvious way to provide verisimilitude, was to use an actual teenage girls room. One of my actresses volunteered to let us use hers as it has aspects that you would expect to see. For example there are lots of posters on the walls of boy-bands, particularly Jedward and the cast of Twilight. Her room also features a significant amount of pink,  like her bedspread and her walls. Additionally she has a dressing table, which was important as that was where the murder was going to take place. The dressing table is also a good way to incorporate particularly feminine objects like make-up, perfume and hair accessories. 

Outside the house there needs to be trees so that the male actor can hide behind during the false scare scene. Ideally the tree will have long gnarly branches however it isn't a crucial aspect. Additionally the house will have a french doors or a conservatory so that the false scare can take place. This doesn't necessarily have to be filmed at the same house as the rest of the film takes place upstairs in the females bedroom. 

SFX: In most films within the horror genre, a blue filter is applied during a certain scene. For example Halloween uses it at the beginning [see picture right].  
When i was editing my film on IMovie, i used a video FX called mirror to literally mirror image a scene i had. This meant that instead of my character running left towards the door she was running to the right. 

Because i am using stereotypical charcterisations, the costumes are easy to decide. For the female protagonist (scream queen) her clothes need to signify that she is promiscuous therefore outfits could include; Body-con dress or skirt or short, revealing clothes. Red is a colour normally associated with sex so to connote that she is sexually active, red lipstick and nails could work just as well as a red dress. 

The female protagonists boyfriend will be fairly easy to dress as he will be wearing what typical teenage males wear; Low hung jeans and a t-shirt or hoodie. 
The final girls costume will be very simple and 'geeky'. Something like a checked shirt buttoned all the way up like in the picture below. The final girls hair will be pulled back into a pony tail and her makeup will be minimal if any at all. 

An example of a final girl is Jennifer Jason Leigh in Eyes of a Stranger, Ken Wiederhorn (1981).
She has the stereotypical brown hair and her shirt has all the buttons done up, revealing nothing.  

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