As this is a resubmission, all posts dated before October 2010 refer to the original submission. Substantial additional research and re-filming has been done since then.

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Film Opening Idea

I have decided to stay within the slasher genre however the concept is significantly different to original idea.

  • Set at Caucasian, teenage female's [parents] house. She will be following the blonde scream queen stereotype. Her younger sister will be the final girl. Again she will be stereotypical to this; Brown hair, studious and fairly quiet. 'Geek'. 
  • Their parents go out - no authority figures present. This is featured in most horror films as the main audience is normally the 'youth' audience.
  • Starts outside the house. Blue tint will be applied, again this is another element that is seen in horror films. For example Halloween, John Carpenter (1978). This scene will be a 'false scare' where i'm going to connote that there is a stalker watching the house, but it will actually be the older of the two sisters (the scream queen) boyfriend waiting for the parents to leave the house. 
  • Connoting the stalker scene; Someone standing behind a tree (POV shot?), then a hand moving the branches. The camera will then track him around the side of the house where he will tap on the window. The older sister will then scream and seeing who it is let him in. This will be the first time the audience see's his face.
  • The boyfriend and girlfriend then go upstairs but on the way up the older of the sisters will say something like 'Don't you have homework to be doing' or words to that effect [to the final girl] to connote that she is the studious one.
  • Once upstairs the boyfriend and girlfriend sit on her bed and kiss. The boyfriend will look and see a doll [this will be the antagonist] [Seed of Chucky, Don Mancini (2004)] propped up on the side or on the bed
  • The boyfriend laughs with the girl about the doll [shot, reverse shot] picks it up and then throws it on the floor. The camera will follow the doll as it's thrown and then falls to the floor.
  • To connote that the boyfriend and girlfriend are having sex, some items of clothing will then be thrown/strewn across the room. An item of clothing will land on the doll.
  • Cut to a shot of the final girl downstairs. She sighs and puts some music on. 
  • Time ellipse
  • The boyfriend is going to leave, hear muffled voices/the male puts his jumper on. Again to connote that they had been having sex.
  • Shot to the doll, the item of clothing is no longer on it [first indicator that the doll is 'alive']
  • Signify that the boyfriend is leaving, the scream queen will kiss/blow a kiss to him. 
  • Goes back into her bedroom - possibly sit in front of her mirror and brushes her hair [like in Halloween]
  • The doll will be creeping up behind her, keep cutting back to the doll [holding a knife]
  • The doll will then say something [limited dialogue]
  • Shot of the knife being raised, and then coming down on the scream queen
  • Screams
  • Cut to the final girl downstairs - runs upstairs
  • Scream Queen lying on the floor having been stabbed. Blood pooled around her
  • The doll is propped up in the same place as before.

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