As this is a resubmission, all posts dated before October 2010 refer to the original submission. Substantial additional research and re-filming has been done since then.

Friday, 23 April 2010


Childs Play (1988) or the 'Chucky' films are the most similar films to mine, mostly due to the fact that i based my film opening on them. 
None of these are indie film companies and therefore would not be suitable for my film. I am working on a significantly low budget (around £20) whereas these companies have budgets of millions of pounds. For example Universal Pictures's film Drag Me to Hell, Sam Raimi (2009) had a budget of $30,000,000. United Artist's film Jeepers Creepers, Victor Salva (2001) had a budget of $2,110,000 and Rogue Picture's film Seed of Chucky, Don Mancini (20 has a $12 million dollar budget. 

United Artists:

  1. Owners include; MGM - part of subsidiaries, Providence Equity Partners (29%), TPG Capital (21%), Sony (20%), Comcast (20%), DLJ Merchant Banking Partners (7%) and Quadrangle Group (3%)
Universal Pictures: 
  1. Owned by General Electric (80%) and Vivendi (20%). 
  2. Universal Pictures is one of The Big Six.
  3. Universal Pictures became a part of NBC Universal as a result of the 2004 merger
Rogue Pictures: 
  1. division of Relativity Media 
  2. It was originally launched by Focus Features under Universal Pictures.

Companies better suited to my film would be these indie horror production companies that specialise in short films rather than feature length films. 

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Gender [draft]

Films normally target either a mainly male audience or a mainly female audience, however they do not want to focus completely on one gender as they would be excluding half of their potential audience. 

Chick-flicks are stereotypically targeted at females however using attractive female actresses can appeal to the male gaze. Additionally turning into a hybrid genre like a rom-com would also attract a male audience. E.G. Cameron Diaz in What Happens in Vegas, Tom Vaughan (2008)
The same applies to horror/slasher and action films. This genre is mainly targeting a male audience however make the film appealing to women by using physically attractive actors. For example using Shia La Beouf in Disturbia, D.J. Caruso (2007) made the filming more appealing to the female youth audience. 


The amount of people willing to participate in my film was fairly low, either due to the fact that they were already taking part in someone else's film or that they lacked the confidence to act in front of the camera. My opening does not feature any non-Caucasian characters however this is only the beginning of a film and other ethnic groups could be featured later on to attract a wider audience. 

Tim Burton  has been criticised for only using Caucasian actors/actresses for main parts. For example in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), all the golden ticket winners were white. Other films by Tim Burton with an all white cast include Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Ed Wood (1994).