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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Moral Panic

There has been a significant amount of controversy concerning the James Bulger killing and the link to the film Childs Play 3, Jack Bender (1991)'s_Play_3#James_Bulger_Controversy

However the James Bulger killing was not the only murder case that has been linked to Child's Play 3. In December 1992 four people who tortured and killed a sixteen year old girl called Suzanne Capper, were said to be influenced by one of the Child's Play movies. Additionally during the torturing of Suzanne Capper, the killers were said to have taunted her with quotes from the movies. 
This is a quote from The Independent, that the killer, Bernadette McNeilly had said; 
'I'm Chucky, Chucky wants to play' as she injected Miss Capper with amphetamine.'

Police have denied the links between the James Bulger case and Child's Play 3 however there are numerous other murders that have been thought to have been linked with films from the slasher genre.

The controversy behind all this has had an impact in the way i planned my film. I knew that due to my insignificant budget my film would not have the sort of SFX and violence featured in Child's Play however i could have emphasised the violence or incorporated torture into it, bringing the rating to an 18. 

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  1. Useful info - and the links you've included in the Links Lists are also good - but make sure you always draw out/make clear what lessons you've applied from this knowledge to your own production