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Monday, 8 March 2010

Horror Film Openings Research: The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys, Joel Schumacher (1987)
  • Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Richard Donner Production
  • Putting 'A Joel Shumacher Film' is an example of the auteur theory. There is no mention of all the crew, for example the casting directors who possibly have one of the most important jobs.
  • Soft, eerie vocal music starts when the distributor logo appears. The music sounds almost melancholy
  • With the title 'The Lost Boys' a serif font has been used and the 'T' has been edited to have 'fangs'. This connotes that this film is about vampires straight away
  • The music changes after the logos have appeared. You can hear a male laughing and people faintly whispering or talking over the music.
  • The music then changes to children singing, almost like a choir 
  • Helicopter shot/establishing shot of a fun fair.
  • A sharp cut is then used to go to the next shot. The film Psycho used this type of transition. Showing the location bit by bit - fading to different shots
  • When the first character appears we hear his feet clumping and the music distorts. This signifies that he is the antagonist. Additionally he is wearing all black clothing another signifier
  • A blue filter has been applied. This is commonly used in horror films and connotes to the audience what genre this is
  • The last character touched his tooth; another signifier to this film being about vampires
  • Diegetic and non diegetic sounds are being overlapped not just cut
  • The security guard character; because the audience for this film will most likely be youth, adult authority figures are going to be seen as incompetent and weak. This is typical in horror films
  • A cross fade transition is used to show elliptical time
  • The music changes again to a drum beat - heartbeat? This signifies that the killer is around 
  • The violence is kept off screen but uses audio to portray it. This lets the audience come tot heir own conclusions about what is happening. 
  • There is exaggerated diegetic sound; audio bridge linking the shots

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