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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Prelim and The Coursework Task

            Sweding is where you take a film, for example Jurassic Park, and using little or no money obviously imitate it. Be Kind Rewind is a film made specifically about sweding but in a humorous way.  

My group consisted of Megan Claydon, George Scaife and Robbie Miller and we chose to swede the film Day Breakers
We had a shortlist of films; Day Breakers, Mean Girls and John Tucker Must Die.
Although we chose Day Breakers only one of the four members of our group has seen it which  made it slightly more complicated, especially as it hasn't been released on DVD yet. Day Breakers appeared to be interesting and different to the other films and as George had some good ideas, we decided that it would most likely be the best one to do. Our group watched trailers for the film and researched it on the internet as well as having George to explain certain parts or anything we didn't quite follow. Luckily the film was easy to pick up and it was fairly straightforward to follow the plot once we knew what it was generally about.
We decided on who we were going to use quickly, which meant we could go on to film almost instantly. We finished filming the first scene that day however after the first day of filming i was ill and so wasn't involved with the rest of the swede or editing. 

Swede Synopsis:
Our swede begins with a girl sitting at a school desk staring at the suicide note that she has just written and crying loudly and quite obviously fakely. The note reads; I can't stand this any longer... Living but never growing old! What are we blessed for... I'M ALREADY DEAD!
The girl is a vampire and does not want to carry on never being able to grow old. She decides to expose her to sunlight thus killing herself. The camera follows her as she walks down the corridor, down the school stairs and steps outside. As the sunlight hits her, the girl screams and the title sequence appears. Through out that section of the swede, the camera flashes back to the suicide note so the audience can read it.
Following this are some sweded scenes taken from the film. For example characters explaining what they like about being a vampire and talking about how they may soon all die out as they are running out of human blood. There is then a scene when a vampire is holding up a 'sign' reading 'Starving Need Blood' and then proceeds to growl at a random passer by. 
There is a scene where a vampire is attacking a human and therefore infecting her which leads to the last scene where a vampire is asking for more blood in his drink. When the female refuses he goes on to hit her over the head with a plastic drinks bottle. 

There were no signifiers that the girl at the beginning of the swede was a vampire. If we were to redo it we would have used props such as vampire teeth and paled her face in an obvious way. 
There was also quite a large amount of background noise during the vampire 'interviews' making it slightly hard to hear what the characters were saying. However as this was a swede this wasn't a major issue. 

We decided to use the same song as from the film trailer;
Placebo - Running up that hill.
If this was our real coursework then we would not have been able to use the song due to copyright laws. 

The Real Daybreakers Trailer:

Our sweded version of Daybreakers:

The pre-lim task was to include a shot of somebody putting their hand on a door handle then using match-on-action show the person going through the door. This shot of the door handle is shown at 0:20 until 0:23. 

Our swede received some mixed reviews. Some people thought that it was too serious and the beginning has no comedy aspects to it whilst some thought the opposite, especially about the ending. 

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