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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Mine & Megan's Film Opening Idea

Me and Megan have decided to do a stalker film. Below is a rough synopsis;

The film will start off in the male stalkers bedroom. Through mise-en-scene we will connote the fact that he is stalking a female. We can achieve this by having various pictures of the girl on his wall, none of which she would be looking directly at the camera. To further signify the fact that he is stalking her the pictures could be of her walking down the street, walking with her friends, sat somewhere like a train station or possibly some of her actually in her house. Pictures taken of her in her bathroom or bedroom could signify that the male stalker is so obsessed that he breaks into her house. This gives the film a more sinister edge.
The camera would pan the stalkers room, again using mise-en-scene to connote that he is male. We can do this by making sure the room is simple or by posters on his wall. Focus on an Xbox or another gaming console and the games associated with them e.g. Call of Duty or Halo. 
The camera would also focus on a diary, either lying open on the desk or in the hands of the stalker. The diary contains everything that the girl he is stalking does. Information about what she did and at what time e.g Went for a coffee with Charlotte at 13:28 or walked the dog at 18:00 for 15 minutes. It could also include what she was wearing. There will also be a shot of a bracelet. This is going to be the girls and we are going to connote that he has stolen it from her later on via  the girls boyfriend. 

The basic plot is that the girl leaves her boyfriends house to go to a party. The girl will be walking through an alley, hearing twigs snapping behind her but not actually seeing any one there, she will then receive a call from an unknown number. After going through this alley she will go over a bridge which then leads to another alley way. This is where the stalker will jump out from behind and attack her. 
Throughout the whole of the film the audience will never see the stalkers face.

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