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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Alex's Presentation: The Matrix

  • The Matrix was released in 1999
  • The directors were the wachowski brothers
  • The directors had no experience and additionally they also wrote it. 
  • The titles at the beginning are tweaked to fit the film
  • The first scene features a counter type: the woman is extremely strong which makes the police men appear significantly weaker. This is a counter type as woman are normally portrayed as being weak whilst men are seen as being strong and tough
  • The female is also used on the front cover of the dvd, most likely to attract the male audience (male gaze)
  • The female is portrayed as being an outlaw or vigilante, again this is another counter type
  • The film is targeted at the 'youth audience'
  • 45% of the audience were female (at the cinema)
  • The genre is action/sci-fi (hybrid genre?)
  • Gross = USA $173 million compared to in the UK £16 million
  • The distributors were Warner Bros. Pictures and Roadshow Entertainment
  • A film similar to this would be 'Island' 

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