As this is a resubmission, all posts dated before October 2010 refer to the original submission. Substantial additional research and re-filming has been done since then.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Robbie's Presentation: Gladiator

  • Hybrid genre - historical action
  • Main actor is Russell Crowe
  • Dreamworks
  • Directed by Ridley Scott in 2000
  • $103 million budget
  • Opening weekend in the UK: £3.55 Million compared to in the USA $34.8 million
  • Gladiator had 5 Oscar wins
  • Additionally it received 45 wins and 79 nominations
  • Wide range of shots are used; Point-of-view, close-ups and various angles
  • Straight cuts were used - no transitions
  • Close up of his hand - Wedding ring
  • Soldiers on horseback and burnt down forest connotes a possible war going on
  • Music: Almost like a humming noise. Sad and depressing
  • No women are featured. This can be seen as being stereotypical as women are not seen as strong and can't fight
  • Rated a 15 
  • Wide age range 15 to 54 (?)
  • Violent context signifies that the film is aimed mainly on the male audience

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